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This means that a cookie file is saved to your PC, Mac, phone or tablet. That way, if you go back to our website again, this cookies recognise you. No personal data (name, e-mail, IP-adress or similar) is stores and we do not track you as a individual instead your remain anonymous.

If you have questions regarding how this website track cookies you are more than welcome to contact us. Contact details can be found on the our contact page.

This site uses two different type of cookies

  • one permanent cookie which remain on your computer for a set period of time
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We use the information from the cookies to track how you use our site, what you click on, what pages you visit. We do this in order to better understand our visitors and analyze how you can get the most out of visiting our website. The information we gather may be used to direct ads through Google. We use third party cookies from Facebook, Twitter and Google plus which can added to your ID. The analyses can be made available for our company and our partners.

This site uses Google Analytics as a analytical tool.

We store:

  • The timing for your first visit
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  • The timing when you current visit started
  • How many times you have visited the site
  • Cookies put a unique ID on your web browser
  • How you found the site (Traffic sources)

If you do not want tailored ads based on the pages and/or websites you have visited you can turn off the collection of cookies in the web browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.). You can do this at any time and you can also set you web browser to stop collection allowed cookies. If you do not want Google Analytics to place cookies or track how you use different websites you can download a plugin: GA Opt-out

This is a global opt-out for Google Analytics which is valid for all websites that uses Google Analytics.